Team Members

Annalee Gray Brown,

Hi! I am Annalee. I am the Founder of Nourish Caribbean and a Jamaican-based Nutritionist with PCOS. My focus is dietary pattern assessment, recipe development, PCOS management, metabolic syndrome and helping people to enjoy eating well.

Asha-gaye Graham Thompson,

Hey! I am Asha-Gaye. I am a Registered Dietitian from Jamaica. My main focus is on Diabetes, Renal Nutrition, Maternal & Child Nutrition. I enjoy educating on the many health benefits of eating well with breastfeeding being a key focus.

Kayon Brooks Robinson,
Associate Nutritionist

Hi all! I am Kayon. I am Nourish Caribbean’s Associate Nutritionist based in Jamaica. My focus is supporting people in enjoying eating well along with the nutritional management of diseases with Type 2 Diabetes being a key focus.


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