Some conditions may not be listed here. If you have a condition not listed here that you would like our services for, let us know via our Contact Us page or give us a call at (876) 208 0586. If we manage the condition, we will support you in scheduling an appointment. If we do not manage the condition, we recommend that you contact your local dietetics and nutrition professional association.

In Jamaica and interested in a face to face session? Visit us at one of the centres below.

City Medical Centre

Essential Medical Services

Erudite Medical Centre

Cost for Services

Initial Consultation: 40 USD | 6,000 JMD

Follow-Up Consultation: 35 USD | 5,000 JMD

Nutrition Coaching: 105 USD |16,000JMD

Food Shopping Tour: 65 USD | 10,000 JMD

3-Day Meal Plan: 80 USD | 12,500 JMD

7-Day Meal Plan: 120 USD |18,500 JMD

Monthly Meal Plan: 415 USD | 64,000 JMD

Nutrition Presentations: 200 USD | 30,000 JMD

Payment Options
We accept payment via direct bank transfer or via our website. To pay via our website, click the service category on the left below.

International Transfers:
Bank: Scotiabank
Branch: Liguanea (90365)
Account Name: Nourish Caribbean
Account type: Business, Savings
Account No.: 000845384
Currency: USD

Jamaican Transfers

Bank: Bank of Nova Scotia (Jamaica)

Branch: Liguanea (90365)

Account Name: Nourish Caribbean

Account Type: Business, Savings

Account No.: 000843802

Currency: JMD

Our Office Address
You can visit us at City Medical Centre in Portmore. Our address is 6 Portmore Drive, Portmore.


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