Do You Need a Professionally Designed Meal Plan?

Once you are clear on what your nutrition needs are, you can develop a meal plan by intentionally considering what your day will look like. Identifying meal, snack or beverage options certainly sets you up for success. Adopting meal planning and portion control principles such as the multi-mix principle and the hand method along with monitoring your weight is a helpful approach for healthy individuals.

Professional support in meal plan development is helpful meets the following needs:

  • Structure to facilitate the development of healthy eating behaviours and replacing/reducing random/impulsive food behaviours.
  • Reduces uncertainty (where it exists) about healthy dietary choices for your needs
  • Support in planning a  nutritious diet where you have tried to develop one on your own without success
  • Guidance if you are being introduced to the nutritional management of a condition

While meal plans are helpful, it is important to note in many instances, we may deviate from the typical ‘plan’ for the day due to change in schedules, preferences or food availability. Depending on the sensitivity your nutrition requirements, the resulting change in the nutrients you consume and when you have them may or may not be an issue. 

The key to eating well is having nutritional balance in the amounts and types of foods that we eat and drink. Everyone’s nutrition needs are different and so generic meal plans may not provide sufficient guidance for your needs. However, we have developed sample meal plans to give you an example of what a balanced diet could look like for a healthy adult requiring 1500 to 1800 calories per day. You can estimate your calorie needs by clicking here. You may access the sample meal plans by clicking the buttons below.


If you would like a customised meal plan to help you to achieve your nutrition goals, you may book a session to request meal planning support by clicking here.


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